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Hip Hop Mini Mix using iPad, Traktor and TouchOSC

The mix is a bit messy I’m afraid, but the video is intended to show off the template not the mixing talents!

TouchOSC / iPad / Traktor – Hip Hop Mini Mix from Maurice Norris on Vimeo.

TouchOSC Template for Traktor Pro (iPad edition)

This is a template I created for the incredible iPhone / iPad app, TouchOSC.  If you don’t know what TouchOSC is, it allows you to create custom interfaces which can then be assigned as a MIDI controller for any software / hardware that can receive / send MIDI messages (which applies to all major sequencers and DJ software). It’s just £2.99 from the App Store and quite possibly the best £3 I’ve ever spent in my life!

The template and patch for OSCulator (the program which converts messages from TouchOSC to MIDI) together with full instructions on how to set it all up and use it will be available for download soon. There’s also an iPhone /iTouch version in development.

Traktor TouchOSC Template

Loop / Beatjump Pads

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There are already some very impressive Traktor templates out there, but I found that none of them had the kind of setup that allowed me to do everything I wanted to from just one page alone.  Controls are usually spread over numerous pages, which means flicking from one page to another to control commonly used features. So in most cases, you can’t play with FX parameters on one deck while using cue points on the other, for example.

The interface is still quite small, and only really useful if you have dainty, child-like fingers like me! You podgy-fingered fellow DJs, this isn’t really for you I’m afraid! However, I’ve got around running out of screen space to some extent by adding a ‘Shift’ key. This allows secondary functions to be used on some of the buttons (something else you don’t see much in other templates). For example, some buttons used to control loop size, loop set, etc. also double up as buttons for beat jumping.

One particularly useful feature is hotcue section. This allows you to easily create and store cue points on-the-fly by simply pressing one of the hotcue buttons (8 in total). Don’t like what you’ve done, or you want to free up more cue points? No problem! Hold down Shift, press the number again and the hotcue is deleted!

Note there are no headphone / monitor controls yet. I’ve only got one audio channel out on my Mac which means I can’t use headphones for monitoring, so it’s a feature I don’t really use. I’ve got to rely on throwing things in blindly at the moment! I understand that it’s pretty important for other people though, so these will be added before the final release.

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